EQUIDAS at the 16th ECEE, Thessaloniki

Christos Giarlelis and Dimitrios Koufalis of EQUIDAS Consulting Engineers, participated in the 16th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering (16ECEE) held in Thessaloniki from 18-21, June 2018 where Christos presented two papers. 
The first one, entitled “Seismic rehabilitation of a RC building through seismic isolation” with co-authors D. Koufalis and P. Antoniadis, is based on an ongoing applied research project carried out at EQUIDAS. 
The second one, “Comparative study of some seismic codes for building design regarding criteria for non-linear methods of analysis” with co-authors S. H. C. Santos, M. Traykova, S.S. Lima, C. Bucur and W.H. Orrala refers to the latest work of the Working Group 7 of IABSE, on seismic code comparisons.

You may download the full papers from: www.equidas.com/publications.