EQUIDAS was established in 2012 by Christos Giarlelis and Evlalia Lamprinou. Over the last 25 years they have collaborated on a number of projects with a group of colleagues whose resumes are presented bellow. EQUIDAS team has an excellent technical education, vast experience and a permanent commitment to aesthetics and cultural, social and environmental values. The team is supported, as and when needed, by consultant geotechnical experts and skilled draftsmen.


EQUIDAS comes from "Earthquake Innovative Design & Analysis Solutions". We are a consulting engineering firm that focuses on the seismic design of structures. 
From conceptual to detailed design, from monuments and existing structures to new, for all types of materials and architectural forms, EQUIDAS is committed to excellence by applying state of the art analysis techniques and innovative approaches.


Our vision is to be involved in challenging projects, bridging academia with design.
Our engineering work follows a rigorous technical approach, in a socially responsible way, without excesses, with a constant search for quality, paying attention to detail, analysis of the construction processes and cost-effectiveness.
We believe that one of the most effective ways to contribute to global sustainability is to preserve and maintain existing structures and to mitigate natural disasters.


Our intention is to innovate by using state of the art analysis techniques and exploring new formal shapes and materials. However we believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication so we start from the simplest solutions to engineering problems, gradually moving to the more complex ones. This way we build valuable insight and we obtain control over the final outcome.